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The following are the most frequently asked questions about Metamucil products and psyllium fibre.

Q. How do fibre types differ?

A. Soluble fibres dissolve in liquid, whereas insoluble fibres do not.

There are viscous and non-viscous types of soluble fibre.

Viscous, soluble fibre (e.g., psyllium fibre in Metamucil) forms a viscous gel, whereasinsoluble fibres do not form gels and move through the GI tract largely intact.

Soluble, non-viscous fibre dissolves entirely in liquid and serves only to increase daily fibre intake. It offers no additional health benefits at normal serving sizes.

Metamucil (psyllium fibre) is unique because it is rich in viscous, soluble fibre (70-80%) and insoluble fibre.

Both types of fibre are important parts of a healthy diet. To see why Metamucil’s gel action is different, click here.

Q. How much soluble fibre is in a serving of Metamucil?

A. Metamucil powder formulations deliver approximately 2.4 g of soluble fibre per serving. Metamucil capsules deliver 1.8 grams of soluble fibre. Metamucil capsules plus calcium deliver 2.1 grams of soluble fibre per serving.

Q. What is the supplement ingredient in Metamucil?

A. The active ingredient in Metamucil is a natural plant fibre that is a great source of soluble and insoluble fibre.

Q. Are there any drug interactions or restrictions with Metamucil?

A. Bulk fibre supplements may affect how well other medications work. If your patients are taking a prescription medication by mouth, they should take Metamucil at least two hours before or two hours after their prescribed medicine.

Q. Do Meta products contain gluten?

A. All Metamucil Powders and Capsules are gluten-free (less than 20 ppm). Meta Fibre Thins, however, contain gluten (Apple Crisp 0.7 grams/serving; Cinnamon Spice 0.5grams/serving).

Q. Are there sugar-free options?

A. Yes, Metamucil offers NEW Premium Blend Sugar-Free Orange Powder (sweetened with Stevia) along with Sugar-Free Orange / Berry / Pink Lemonade Powder (sweetened with aspartame) and No Added Sweeteners Original Powder (no sweeteners added). Metamucil Capsules and Metamucil Capsules Plus Calcium do not contain any sugar, sweeteners or artificial sweeteners.

Q. How does psyllium fiber help maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of my patients’ diet?

A. Psyllium husk is a soluble viscous fiber that forms a gel, which traps sugars in the GI tract from food, as the gel moves through the intestines. Trapped sugars are slowly released and absorbed into the body helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Q. Why is the serving size different for some versions of Metamucil Powders?

A. All Metamucil powder products contain the same amount of psyllium husk per serving, which equates to 2.4 grams of soluble fibre. However, serving size amounts differ by version because the sweeteners and flavorings used in each Metamucil product vary in volume and density. To see the clinical benefits of Metamucil click here.

Q. Can I use Metamucil in a nasogastric (ng) or gastric tube?

A. No. The product should be used per the label directions.

Q. Does Metamucil cause diarrhea?

A. Unlike many other stimulant laxatives, osmotic laxatives or mineral oil, Metamucil should not cause diarrhea when used as directed. On the contrary, Metamucil can absorb and retain water to make loose stools less watery. Many doctors believe that a bulk fibre can help make bowel movements more formed and less fluid. In at least eight studies done on Metamucil and psyllium (Metamucil's fibre ingredient), psyllium was shown to improve the viscosity of loose stools and make stools firmer.


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